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Tax Incentives White Paper Resource Library

The §199A deduction offers countless business owners an opportunity to significantly reduce their tax burdens:

“…what businesses need to know about the new §199A deduction…”

Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing, and Architects may qualify for lucrative Tax Credits through Research and Development Tax Credits:

“…activities that may qualify for this tax credit …”

WOTC Work Opportunity Tax Credit


“…how to get paid for new hires through Federal tax laws …”

CPA/CFO How to Reduce Client’s Tax Liability – Benefits Of The Cost Segregation Study For Commercial Property Owners


“…The application of a Cost Segregation Study may significantly reduce your client’s tax liability and provide needed cash flow for other business endeavors…”

Benefits of the Cost Segregation Study for Real Estate Investors

crg-whitepaperBenefits Of The Cost Segregation

“…Owning a commercial property provides many tax benefits to the taxpayer, particularly in the areas of depreciation expense in relation to cash flow …”

Passive Activity and Cost Segregation

crg-whitepaperHow do you take advantage of
cost segregation when the property
is owned by a passive LLC?

“….generally one or more trade or business activities or rental activities may be treated as a single activity ….an appropriate economic unit…”

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