Tax Incentives for Building Owners

Stop leaving money in the walls of your buildings. Your business may be missing important tax incentives, including 179D Deductions, Cost SegregationTangible Property, and other state and federal tax incentives. CRG makes sure you qualify, remain compliant, and secure maximum benefit dollars allowed to you under the law.

CRG’s experts are industry leaders who make it their business to stay current on tax incentives and IRS compliance regulations. We don’t replace your tax advisors–we work with them to find realistic approaches to tax reductions and tax incentives.

CRG’s holistic goals for property and facility owners include:

  • Providing solutions to persistent capital constraints that hinder upgrades to building components
  • Developing smart strategies that offer an antidote to operating challenges
  • Leveraging tax incentives such as Cost Segregation, Tangible Property Regulations and capturing any EPAct §179D
  • Devising abandonment solutions for building sub-systems
  • Tangible Property Asset Recovery

We will customize our strategy to your business and find the best incentives to save you the most money. CRG Will Provide a Pro-Bono Analysis for 179D Deductions, Tangible Property, and other state and federal tax incentives . 

Contact us today to capture tax incentives linked to your building projects.