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Tangible Property Regulation Resources

Our team of tax, accounting and engineering professionals understand the new and current removed/disposed property Regulations and have developed comprehensive and thorough Tangible Property Services® to benefit our clients.

Based on options granted by the IRS, business taxpayers with tangible property such as buildings, may have the opportunity to expense items capitalized as improvements in prior tax years—claiming additional deductions and capturing losses for assets disposed of that were not claimed previously.

This can mean thousands of dollars—even hundreds of thousands—to your bottom line.

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Based on a roof replacement for a 205,000 square foot Warehouse and distribution center, the owners were able to claim $236,550 in recoverable depreciation under Tangible Property.

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CRG’s Tangible Property Services ® is customized and designed to maximize your tax savings through compliance and specialized tax planning. As with all of our services, CRG meets or exceeds IRS standards while delivering concise, actionable information to clients.

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