In the current economy, it is especially important to take a pro-active rather than reactive approach in business operations, especially as it relates to protecting your capital assets. A Reserve Study is a valuable budgeting planning tool that provides data for a property’s major repairs, replacements and/or required upgrades. The study gives a clear picture of the facility, and allows for budgeting of expenditures, rather than securing a loan or reducing operating funds to manage necessary replacements, improvements or repairs.

CRG conducts a thorough site survey and inspection, completes a review and analysis of blueprints, building plans and service contracts, and looks closely at historical expenditures. Our consultants utilize national costing information for calculations and projections, along with usual and customary asset longevity. This allows us to create a thorough, very detailed and complete picture of the property and anticipated asset longevity.

Reserve Studies examines an exhaustive list of property components, including everything from carpet, masonry and windows to HVAC and other systems. The study also includes property features such as parking areas, athletic fields, gymnasiums and swimming pools. Whatever the unique features of your property may be, a CRG Reserve Study will provide thorough analysis and projections.

CRG’s comprehensive Reserve Study Report enumerates each asset or component by cost, useful life and estimated remaining longevity. We will also recommend annual funding expenditures to manage replacement, repair or improvements over a 30 year period. Our Reserve Study Reports project annual expenses over the next 30 years, taking inflation into account.

A Reserve Study provides peace of mind, and more importantly, is just a smart business practice that provides valuable information on the longevity of assets and planning for their estimated and useful lives. Having this knowledge enables any organization to stop managing from crisis and lack of preparation for asset failure, and take charge of budgeting.

Don’t be caught off guard as repair costs mount and systems fail. Call Marky Moore at CRG to discuss a Reserve Study today.