As we are continually working to bring the latest news on incentives we thought we would share this great overview from our friends at Advanced Lighting Guidelines Online (ALG).  ALG posted a great overview of an article by Craig DiLouie, published April 2012 by the Lighting Controls Association.  Here’s a synopsis:

Lighting Control Rebates Triple

Lighting has always played a strong role in utility rebates and incentives. The number of rebate programs available for lighting controls has almost tripled since 2009, covering occupancy and vacancy sensors, photosensors, daylight dimming systems and automatic time-based controls. Currently, rebates and other incentives covering lighting controls are available in 47 of the 50 states. Our latest ALG Connections piece highlights a recent Lighting Controls Association article by ALG Online contributing author Craig DiLouie. Read the latest ALG Connections (PDF) for more on the upswing in incentives, an interactive map link and rebate comparisons between retrofits and new construction.