Are you a commercial property owner looking for strategies to retain tenants and get short term ROI on your property? Watch the video for depreciation strategies for commercial properties, one of the core businesses of Capital Review Group. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005) is the first effort of the United States government to address U.S. energy policy since the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Among many other things, the law provides new tax incentives for a number of solar and energy efficiency measures. Title 13 provides up to $1.80/sq foot for tax deductions on energy efficiency; HVAC, lighting, and building envelope, .60 for each or $1.80 for all.

At Capital Review Group, we identify real property assets and reclassify them for faster depreciation for commercial property owners. We deliver measurable advantages and we know how to increase ROI from Solar and Energy Efficiency opportunities to increase tenant retention while improving operating expenses and by reducing annual operating expenditures. Learn more at