Phoenix, AZ – Capital Review Group (CRG) has published a new white paper titled, “Allocation Pass-through, Sharing the §179D Deduction with the Authorizing Agency”.  The Phoenix-based firm offers specialized consulting services which combine engineering with tax accounting to discover and develop high-value projects related to energy efficiency and provide solutions for government and commercial facilities.

CRG’s white paper explains the guidelines for taking the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction (26 U.S.C. §179D) included in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  It further details the specifics of the “allocation pass-through” which provides a tax deduction to the primary designer(s) of government owned buildings that are eligible for the §179D deduction.

CRG has documented potential problems and issues with the allocation pass-through that may require clarification.  CRG Founder and CEO, Marky Moore explains, “There is no formal or recommended process for these negotiations.  In fact, governmental jurisdiction and agencies have applied retrospective and seemingly punitive calculations for payment by the primary designers for authorization for the allocation.”

The white paper provides a breakdown of potential formulas used by government agencies, and makes recommendations for standardizing the participation of government agencies in the allocation pass-through process, which would result in a more reasonable outcome for the primary designer(s) involved.

CRG’s experts provide §179d analysis and financial recommendations for energy-related federal tax incentives, as well as providing the required third-party certification to claim those deductions.  §179d deductions apply to energy efficient improvements made to existing buildings or new construction between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2013.  CRG has extensive knowledge of IRS approved methods for amending prior returns or filing the required forms with current returns that will allow taxpayers to take advantage of §179d deductions, and will represent the client directly before the IRS if the deduction is ever challenged.

CRG’s team of experts provide clients with up-to-date, specialized services related to green tax incentives, energy tax deductions, IRS compliance regulations and energy strategies including renewables.  Using CRG’s unique approach, clients can benefit from successful identification of tax effects that yield immediate and dramatic financial advantage and application of discovered capital to high-value energy projects.

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