Capital Review Group has been featured in several publications recently:

Partnership for Sustainable Communities: “Financing Energy Improvements With Tax Incentives” By Marky Moore, Capital Review Group

Automated Buildings: EnOcean Alliance and the Connection Community Interview with Graham Martin, Chairman of EnOcean Alliance
Cindy Woudenberg, Director of Marketing for Capital Review Group, and Chair of the North America Marketing Work Group of EnOcean Alliance
Louis Hamer, Vice President, Product Strategy for SCL Elements/CAN2GO Inc., and Chair of the EnOcean Alliance Marketing Committee
 By Ken Sinclair

Hotel Executive: “Tax Deductions: Application of §179D for Hotel Properties” By Margaret Moore, Founder, Capital Review Group

Noesis Energy: Blog Postings

Lexis Nexis Real Estate Community: “Grasping the Tax Opportunities for Apartment Building Owners” by Capital Review Group