Ensure Compliance with Sales and Use Tax Laws

With over 10,000 jurisdictions across the United States, the landscape of sales and use taxes can be a dizzying patchwork of varying rates and exemptions. This complexity often causes businesses, particularly those that sell goods out-of-state, to pay incorrect sales tax amounts. Following the Supreme Court’s pivotal decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair (2018)—which held that states may require retailers to collect sales tax for online purchases, even if the retailer lacks any physical presence in the state—it is particularly important for businesses to review their transactions and determine whether they may be underpaying or overpaying sales tax. 

Sales Tax Review

The experts at Capital Review Group are dedicated to helping businesses in a variety of industries avoid the pitfalls of sales and use taxes. To help your business ensure compliance and protect your bottom line, we will:

    • Review your sales transactions to identify under- or overpayments.
    • Assist you with filing the necessary paperwork to claim a refund if sales tax overpayments are identified.
    • Determine whether your business did not properly collect tax for previous sales transactions completed in other states.
    • Formulate a plan to mitigate past, present, and future sales tax liabilities. This may include entering into amnesty programs or other agreements with states to limit look-back periods and eliminate penalties and interest. 
    • Help your business stay compliant with various states’ sales tax laws by adopting systems and processes to monitor the number and dollar value of transactions made in each state.
    • Provide additional guidance in understanding the complex tax rates, exemptions, and special rules to which your business is subject. 

Unsure whether your business is collecting and remitting the proper sales tax amounts for all applicable jurisdictions? Contact CRG today to schedule a pro bono analysis! 


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