Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix-based consulting firm, Capital Review Group (CRG), has announced enhanced service offerings under the new name of Capital Discovery™.  CRG President, Ben Montclair, defines Capital Discovery™ as the process of identifying unrealized value in clients’ capital assets based on insight into tax effects, technical assessment, and intimate understanding of rebates and incentives.

Montclair explains that the company has developed the Capital Discovery ™ process over years of successfully identifying tax effects that yield immediate and dramatic financial advantage for clients and applying discovered capital to high-value energy projects.  “We have a team of experts who have refined and advanced our process into something truly unique,” Montclair states.  “We believe that Capital Discovery™ is the only holistic approach available to business owners today that combines engineering solutions, tax strategies, and financial analysis to create high value, low risk investments in energy projects.”

CRG Founder, Marky Moore, adds, “We are very excited to offer our team’s specialized knowledge to maximize savings for our clients, while significantly enhancing return on investment on energy projects.”  Both CRG leaders confirm that the goals of Capital Discovery ™ include assessing clients’ capital assets and operational activities to identify tax effects that yield financial advantage to the client.  “Our first priority is to ensure that clients avoid surprises and unnecessary spending,” says Montclair.  “We can then apply discovered capital towards high-value energy projects, resulting in win-win situations for our clients.”

Only CRG combines these highly effective strategies with additional value added services such as 179D analysis and design recommendations which capture up to $1.80 per square foot in federal incentives and tax deductions; designing to accelerate the depreciation of lighting and other energy systems; and abandonment review, which captures unused depreciable life of energy system assets replaced during an energy efficiency upgrade.  Most of CRG’s services begin with a preliminary review and analysis at no cost to clients.  For more information, visit