Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix-based Capital Review Group (CRG) is now offering customized, comprehensive energy surveys to businesses.  CRG’s “Level I” energy survey is typically a facility walk-through focusing on low-cost or no-cost energy efficiency/conservation measures, operational improvements and behavioral practices.  CRG CEO, Marky Moore, explains, “Due to the inexpensive nature of many energy efficiency/conservation measures, many clients find a significant return on investment.” This type of survey/audit can determine whether a more detailed analysis is required, and also allows clients to prioritize energy-efficiency/conservation measures.

CRG is also offering a more in-depth survey/audit targeting specific energy efficiency measures and investment grade surveys.  The results of this type of survey indicate capital expenditures and include Life Cycle Costing and full financial evaluation and analysis.  Moore points out that a CRG Level II survey/audit includes energy use analysis with engineering calculations, as well as financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency/conservation measures, including a full incentive overview and summary.  “CRG’s LEVEL II surveys/audits also provide a more in-depth analysis of existing behaviors, operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures and possible impact of savings/efficiency measures,” Moore says.

Moore explains that energy surveys performed by experts in the field are the most effective way to evaluate energy usage and ways to cut energy costs, as well as discovering possible green tax incentives.  CRG’s team is trained to look at all of the factors that may be contributing to your energy costs, providing you with a thorough diagnosis of your energy usage situation.

CRG’s holistic approach to energy surveys is unique in the industry, and the comprehensive process begins with data collection and thorough analysis, using Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) data for comparison purposes.  The CRG engineering team conducts a site visit, evaluating HVAC, lighting, water heaters, electric motors and any other energy consuming equipment.  Further analysis and recommendations are revealed in the survey/audit report.

Moore explains, “A comprehensive Energy Surveys/Audit should provide measurable and manageable opportunities for operational savings through energy efficiency measures, a full and thorough cost/financial analysis as well as assuring the qualification for all federal and other jurisdictional incentives.”

CRG provides critical tax and specialty services to accounting and legal professionals, clients and institutional partners, as well as performing energy surveys/audits, reserve studies and additional services in the areas of Cost Segregation, the 2005 Energy Act/Section 179D, business tax credits and specialty construction/engineering consulting.

CRG offers expert, in-depth advice regarding these specialized areas, supporting and adding significant value to that of clients’ existing financial advisors, construction professionals and facilities managers. Most of CRG’s services begin with a preliminary review and analysis at no cost to clients.  For more information, visit