5 Misconceptions that Prevent Businesses from Reaping the Benefits of the R&D Credit

Each year, the Research and Development (R&D) Credit saves businesses billions of dollars in taxes—yet many other businesses forego the opportunity to seize this valuable incentive. Erroneous beliefs about the types of activities that constitute qualified research and other misconceptions about the R&D Credit are some of the most common hurdles standing between eligible taxpayers […]

5 Important Steps to Tax Savings as the Extended WOTC Deadline Approaches

Each year, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) saves taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for undertaking a step that is essential to growing their businesses: hiring new employees. Typically, employers must file the requisite paperwork for claiming WOTC within 28 days of hiring a qualifying worker. However, for 2015 and part of 2016, the […]

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