New Capital Review Group Office in Irvine, California Provides Tax and Engineering Strategy Expertise

Arizona based Capital Review Group, is announcing the opening of a new office in Irvine, California.  CRG is uniquely positioned to identify significant tax incentives to commercial property owners and their advisors.  Applying underutilized strategies, CRG may help building owners reduce or eliminate federal tax obligations and uncover significant financial return on capital investments. Located […]

Combined Tax Strategies for Commercial Property Owners

Google To a commercial building owner, it is always important to reduce operating costs and an important strategy to achieve reductions is to implement energy efficiencies. In terms of climate/thermal controls, this can mean investment in combinations of energy efficient systems and innovative passive heating and cooling designs like well-placed windows and walls.  The key […]

As it Stands Now – Little Chance for §179D Incentive – Until Perhaps 2016

We are asked almost daily by someone if we think §179D will return soon.  The past few weeks have seen some positive activity on Capitol Hill regarding a long-awaited tax extenders package. However, with midterms fast approaching there is little chance until perhaps 2016 for efficiency incentives to return. In addition, there are two competing proposals: The Senate Finance […]

Reaching into the Past: Improving Pay-Back on Energy Efficiency Projects

Google A recent client came to us after having retrofitted their 240,000 square foot, 24-story office building, and were in search of potential tax incentives that would help offset the cost. They had completely reconstructed the exterior façade and replaced the windows with the goal of improving the look and feel of the building while […]

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