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Harness substantial tax savings through the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit

Capital Review Group has developed two free podcasts providing an in-depth look at how to qualify for this powerful incentive, as well as explaining answers to frequently asked questions. Click below to listen to the latest R&D Tax Credit podcasts:

R&D Tax Credit Overview Video


R&D Tax Credit FAQ


Your projects may qualify for substantial tax incentives

Each year, the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit saves large businesses billions of dollars, while smaller businesses often assume that this opportunity is not applicable to them.  In reality, the day-to-day activities of many small to medium-sized businesses, including architecture, engineering, and manufacturing firms, constitute qualified research under the R&D Credit. Has your firm engaged in any of the following activities?

  • Developing architectural designs to accommodate client requirements
  • Performing engineering calculations
  • Incorporating new design or construction techniques
  • Creating new products
  • Streamlining a manufacturing process
  • And many others

If so, your business may qualify for the R&D Credit!  This powerful incentive is calculated based upon amounts spent on wages and supplies used in the conduct of qualified research activities.  Substantial State R&D credits may also be available.

Find out if your projects qualify for tax incentives with Capital Review Group’s pro bono assessment. 

Your projects may entitle your company to substantial State and Federal incentives. Section 179D and the R&D Tax Credit reward architects and engineers for sustainable design and may put tax dollars back into your pocket. Discover tens of thousands of dollars of incentives!

Simply complete the form to the right and someone will get back to you in 24 hours.  For immediate assistance, call:  877-666-5539

CRG has found that a majority of Engineering and Architectural firms miss these lucrative tax incentives.  


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Do your projects qualify for tax credits? Find out today with a pro bono analysis by filling out the form below!

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